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Impact of Informal Structures
  •     How closely are the formal and informal structures aligned?
  •     How are the informal structures affecting your ability to accomplish your objectives?
  •     What impact are the informal structures having on the day-to-day decisions in your company?

Informal structures exist in every organization and in a variety of forms. Such structures range in scope from Power and Communication to Trust and Assistance. These structures are created in response to the organization's development and are in a constant state of change. Because they are informal, management cannot dictate, as with the formal structure, what shape these structures will assume. They are formed by the people themselves and perhaps best characterize the corporate culture. All these informal structures interface with each other as well as with the formal structure.

MLD provides an understanding of how these informal networks impact the effectiveness of the organization. Utilizing this information, management can determine how best to interact and influence these structures to ensure the culture of the firm develops as intended. This understanding also assists in executing actions to support the corporation's strategic initiatives and accomplish the firm's objectives at all levels.

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