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Integrated Planning and Problem-Solving Models

The initiatives developed in the strategic plan will fall into distinct operational areas such as marketing, finance, production and administration. These operational areas will require plans of their own to execute the strategy. Ultimately plans will be developed on a project-by-project basis to implement a specific aspect of the strategy. There can literally be thousands of these project plans in motion at any given time. Just one example of such a project plan would be a customer sales encounter.

The successful implementation of strategy dictates that all these various plans, at all levels throughout the organization are integrated to maximize effectiveness, eliminate misunderstandings and avoid working at cross-purposes. As these plans are implemented, obstacles will invariably arise. The problem-solving component of the model enables participants to quickly and effectively identify the problem's root-causes, develop options and the necessary actions and adjustments to reach the plan's objectives.

MLD's integrated planning and problem-solving models present a methodology and process for enabling all plans to support the strategic initiatives. The models ensure that plans are developed following a common process that is consistent and usable at all levels within the organization.

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