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It is clear that the business environment is changing rapidly. What made companies successful yesterday can put them in turmoil today. We can debate what has caused this and what should change, but the very reason for the company's existence, the customers, are themselves changing. Customers are demanding that companies not only meet and exceed their expectations, but that they do so at a reduced cost. If the organization cannot accomplish these goals, consumers of their products and services will simply turn to competitors who will.

Now more than ever companies must take deliberate, measurable steps to ensure that they are prepared for the challenges ahead. More and more products and services are being treated as commodities. At the same time, personnel issues have become more complex. MLD understands that no single initiative will result in sustained levels of organizational performance. What is needed is an improvement process that addresses all the major factors influencing organizational performance such as training, planning and problem-solving, customer communication, performance management, etc. MLD's consulting services encompass a wide spectrum of issues critical to exceptional organizational performance. From the development of strategic initiatives to the management and improvement of individual business processes, we work closely with our clients to assist them in accomplishing their objectives.

Our experience has shown that in order to ensure the company's fundamental requirements and goals are reached, it is necessary to develop and implement effective management systems for:
  •     Constantly meeting the customers' performance requirements
  •     Communicating more effectively and efficiently throughout the company and with the customer and supplier populations.
  •     Installing a process to attract and retain the most capable people
  •     Training all employees to continuously function at high performance levels
  •     Establishing standards of performance that are clearly defined and understood by all
  •     Ensuring all aspects of the company are functioning at performance levels consistent with top leadership's desires
  •     Ensuring the company's profitability is sufficient to accomplish its other objectives

Through extensive research MLD has created a number of proprietary business models that assist our clients in meeting these fundamental requirements. These models enable the firm's top management team to make more effective decisions and ensure the proper execution of actions to implement the company's strategic initiatives.

MLD Business Models

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