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Emerging Business Program

The Emerging Business Program was designed to assist developing companies. It addresses the unique needs and challenges that are faced by these growing businesses. Ensuring the company develops as intended, creating a stable and productive team, and driving revenue and profits to support the other objectives are only a few of the issues covered in this comprehensive program. When the curriculum is completed, the business executive will have a thorough understanding of the actions necessary to develop the people, systems and technologies necessary for success.

Each Emerging Business Program is limited in attendance to owners and key executives. The program is also limited in the number of companies that can participate in any given group. This enables MLD to work closely with each participant and their company personnel.

The program format includes a series of formal training sessions and consultation. You are placed in a program group with other (non-competitive) business owners and executives who are facing similar challenges to yours. The training sessions cover a variety of critical issues that affect the growing business. Between the sessions, an MLD Senior Consultant will work directly with you and your company's personnel to implement the program's concepts and strategies within your business.

The following are the modules that are included in the curriculum:

There are several levels of participation available to meet your specific needs and budget parameters. Go to Contact Us to request more information about the opportunities presented by this unique program.

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