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Organizational Dynamics - How the Interaction of Formal and Informal Structures and Policies Influence the Firm's Culture and Impact Organizational Performance

Focus of the Research
  •     Factors that enable or inhibit the implementation of corporate strategy
  •     The framework behind the organizational chart
  •     The organization and supply chain as a system
  •     The informal networks that drive decisions
  •     Process Management - Why improvement programs don't produce the expected results
  •     How culture impacts the managing of performance
Output of Study

Educational Programs:

  •     Results Management
  •     Recruiting and Selecting for Success
  •     Planning and Problem Solving
  •     Process Management and Quality Tools
  •     Executive Organizational Development
  •     Total Cost Based Purchasing

Business Models:

  •     Organization Viewed as a System
  •     Supply Chain Viewed as a System
  •     Integrated Model of Planning
  •     Process Alignment and Linkage
  •     Organizational Framework

This research was sponsored by M.L. Derry & Associates with special thanks to our clients and the many companies that were kind enough to open their doors and allow us to study their organizations. The research was originally conducted in 1990, with follow-up research in 1995, 2000 and 2005.

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