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Training Programs

M.L. Derry & Associates has created a number of high performance training programs designed to develop, support and enhance the core competencies required for organizational success. These include: Recruiting and selecting the most capable people; developing new business profitably; managing and continuously improving work processes; communicating more effectively with employees, suppliers and customers; and, ensuring plans are coordinated to avoid working at cross-purposes and achieve maximum results.

The process-based format utilized by the MLD programs provides tangible and measurable results. Each training module is designed to be an integrated component of the client's training curriculum. The primary focus of each program is to develop the hard-to-imitate skills that assist clients in implementing the business strategy in all departments and at all levels throughout the organization. The following list represents the basic training programs offered by M.L. Derry & Associates.

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Recruiting and Selecting for Success
Process Selling ®
Process Selling Assistant ™
Total Cost-Based Purchasing ™
Supplier Value Enhancement Program
Results Management ™
Executive Organizational Development
Process Management and Quality Tools
Quality Customer Communication ™
Planning and Problem-Solving