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What Makes Us Different

M.L. Derry & Associates's approach to working with its clients differs from other consulting firms in several significant ways.

First, in addition to our role as strategic change agents with firm's top management, we also recognize the need to interface and involve those directing and implementing the strategy. Strategic initiatives are meaningless unless they can be implemented, and implementation takes place at all levels throughout the organization, not just in the executive suite.

Second, we recognize that to be successful, each organization must function as a system, not as a group of independent departments. Therefore, in addition to addressing issues of strategic alignment, we also focus on how specific work processes link together to accomplish the firm's purpose. This "Systems View" holds that no matter what form of organizational structure exists, the various functions must work together, if high performance levels are to be attained.

Third, M.L. Derry & Associates addresses the often overlooked need to ensure that the critical, fundamental capabilities required for successful change efforts, exist at all levels within the organization. The ability to plan and problem-solve, to manage and constantly improve work processes and to communicate effectively, are several of the core training modules. They are utilized to prepare the organization for implementing and controlling change.

Fourth, we select our clients carefully. We enter into relationships where we are confident the desired results can be achieved. This selectivity also assures us we are working with executives willing to put forth the necessary effort to reach their goals and objectives.

Simply stated, we believe the most appropriate method for working with our clients, is a systematic approach for continuously improving processes and procedures. This enhances the quality of products and services delivered, while at the same time, increasing operational efficiency, corporate profitability and an increase in shareholder value.

The fact that MLD has client relationships spanning 25 years is evidence of an unparalleled track record of results. With M.L. Derry & Associates, there is no uncertainty. We earn your confidence daily.

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