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M.L. Derry & Associates's Purpose

The purpose of our Firm is one of the major factors that helps define the character of our organization. It imposes an ultimate responsibility on each individual to act accordingly, in every action, with every colleague, staff member, supplier and client. It provides the common objectives toward which all Firm members focus, and then, strive daily to accomplish. Our purpose has two major components: Our Mission, which describes what we do and the benefits our clients receive; and, Our Values, which describe how we will conduct ourselves while accomplishing our Mission.

Our Mission

M.L. Derry & Associates is dedicated to assisting organizations in the effective coordination of resources and actions to execute strategy. We do this by offering the highest quality consultation and training services, delivered efficiently and effectively. We provide these in a manner which produces the highest value for our clients, enabling them to reach and exceed their business objectives.

Our Values
  •     We will deliver the highest quality work effort at the lowest total cost for our clients.
  •     We employ people and select strategic partners who believe in our Mission and Values.
  •     We will provide an environment in which our people and associates are able to perform to their full potential.
  •     We will treat our suppliers fairly and with respect.
  •     We will provide our services in a professional and personalized manner.
  •     We will honor all our agreements and commitments to the fullest.

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