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History of the Firm

M.L. Derry & Associates was founded in 1972. Our initial focus was on the strategic aspects of organizational development, which include, working with executive teams to establish or clarify purpose, establish strategic initiatives and facilitate realignment efforts.

In 1978, our practice expanded to include a research and training component. The purpose of our research was to study the critical dimensions of organizational development, management practices and the extent to which educational programs deal with the critical factors of development. The purpose of our training effort was to create "Best in Class" educational programs to address universal core competencies, which include recruiting and selecting personnel, process management, planning and problem-solving, and the acquisition and retention of customers.

From our research over the years have emerged several proprietary business models. "A Systems View of the Organization" and the "Organizational Framework" are two templates that provide a detailed understanding of how organizational systems and job functions interact. In addition, the firm has designed models for "Integrated Planning and Problem-Solving," which improves the coordination between strategic, departmental, functional and project planning efforts.

During the 1980s we continued to expand our capabilities to include training curriculum design and the development of a comprehensive performance management system. Recognizing the need for International capabilities for both ourselves and our clients, M.L. Derry & Associates began to seek out and secure the highest levels of expertise available, to provide guidance and assistance to our clients entering into or expanding their global markets.

In 1993, M.L. Derry & Associates and Grace and Wild Studios, Inc. (formerly a division of CBS/FOX Video) entered into a joint partnership agreement. This strategic alliance combined the highest quality educational program design with state-of-the-art technology. As a result, MLD can offer clients the widest range of options to meet their training, educational and developmental needs.

As we entered the new millennium, a need to assist rapidly growing companies control their development became apparent. In response, we created the Emerging Business Program. Specifically designed to address the unique needs of these growing companies, the program provides a comprehensive approach to building the exceptional organization through the management of people, systems and technology.

Today, M.L. Derry & Associates offers a wide range of services to our clients including strategic and organizational development consultation for both domestic and international businesses, training curriculum design, process and performance management systems, financial consultation and the development and implementation of multimedia educational programs.

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