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What We Do

M.L. Derry & Associates's primary focus is assisting our clients in the effective execution of their business strategy. We help them in building the highest quality organizations through three interdependent and complementary services.

  •     Analysis and Assessment
  •     Training Design and Delivery
  •     Management Consulting

While many consulting and training firms offer one or two of these services, we have found it is the combination of all three that produce the greatest results.

By its very nature, an organization is a dynamic system. It moves in many directions at once and changes constantly. These changes can be due to rapid growth, a major event or subtle adjustments in the company's day-to-day processes. But if these changes are not understood and controlled, the result is often "management-by-crisis."

Combining these three areas of expertise, M.L. Derry & Associates assists the executives and managers in developing and implementing the most effective methodologies available, to control and manage change. There is no room for a theory-oriented, academic approach to our clients' businesses. They are confronting real issues that require real-world applications and solutions. We bring an expertise not available within the organization. We address the critical issues related to strategies, processes and people. What follows are some examples of the questions our clients have asked us to address.

  •     How can we increase profitability?
  •     How can we assimilate another company into ours?
  •     How do we control the competitive landscape?
  •     How do we ensure continuous improvement?
  •     How can we increase sales?
  •     What can we do to lower costs?
  •     How do we develop a successful succession plan?
  •     How do we manage innovation?
  •     What is the best way to expand our business?
  •     How can we utilize e-commerce to our advantage?
  •     What should we do about a key employee who is not performing in his/her job?
  •     How can we ensure we attract and retain the highest quality people?
  •     How can we communicate more effectively with our employees?
  •     What is the best way to train our people?
  •     How do we control our rapid growth?
  •     How can we make the management team more effective?
  •     How can we create a stronger organization?
  •     How can our sales force differentiate us from other competitors?
  •     How do we engender loyalty in our people?
  •     How do we effectively select and implement our quality program?
  •     How can we develop an effective advisory group?
  •     What mergers, acquisitions or strategic alliances make the most sense for us?
  •     What new needs are on the horizon for our customers?
  •     How can we improve our strategic alliances?

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