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MLD provides a broad range of consulting services for our clients. These services include Analysis and Assessment, Training Curriculum Design and Management Consulting. The combination of these services has enabled our clients to become more effective and efficient. This has resulted in increased revenues and profits, stronger market positions and increased shareholder value. One aspect critical to this success, is that MLD's approach focuses directly on concrete business issues.

Our consulting services assist clients in meeting the performance requirements for success. We provide unique business models that enable our clients to align the firm's strategy to specific actions at all levels throughout the organization. We also assist them in establishing the correct metrics to measure and continuously improve organizational performance.

One of our primary areas of expertise in the consulting field is the management and continuous improvement of work processes. It is the foundation of all quality programs and MLD has been reducing costs and improving performance in this area since its founding. With our process focus, MLD brings a unique perspective to all our consulting activities.

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Analysis and Assessment
Cultural and process compatibility for Mergers and Acquisitions
Impact of Informal Structures
Impact of Informal Policies
Performance Management Practices
Process Alignment and Linkage
Team Performance Analysis
Quality Program Implementation
Training Curriculum Design
Evaluation of Training Effectiveness
Curriculum Design
Management Consulting
Organizational Framework
Organization Viewed as a System
Integrated Model of Planning
Supply Chain Viewed as a System