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Quality Program Implementation
  •     How do you know if you are getting the maximum value from your Quality program?
  •     How can you best utilize your Quality program to implement strategy?
  •     How do you continuously improve your Quality program?

Stories abound of firms that have tried to implement the quality concepts of Lean Manufacturing, Total Quality Management (TQM), Six Sigma or other Quality Programs but failed. Other stories of employees rejecting and, in some cases, sabotaging the effort are all to familiar. What is usually left untold, however, is that many of these companies failed to implement them properly. Companies have moved from one quality program to the next, searching for that competitive edge, or at least not to fall behind their competitors. For all their promise of success, many of these programs have produced only marginal results compared to those advertised. Although each of these quality programs is touted by its advocates as being the best, all share a common trait; their foundation lies in the principles of process management.

Quality improvement is nothing new. It is woven into the very fabric of business. Quality management practices require companies to improve everything they do; in every department, through every interaction with colleagues, customers and suppliers in every task they perform.

MLD evaluates a company's quality program implementation from a variety of perspectives. MLD assists in the implementation of advanced process management techniques, the foundation of all quality programs. Companies wishing to automate processes can ensure that automation is designed to fit a highly effective process, rather than simply automating a flawed process.

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