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Team Performance Analysis
  •     How do you improve your team's effectiveness in implementing strategy?
  •     What steps can be taken to raise performance levels?
  •     How do you determine if the team is performing up to its potential?

Everyone involved with the organization has the potential to contribute to its continuous improvement. The team's purpose is to combine these collective talents, so that when acting as a whole, they provide the appropriate skills, knowledge and attitudes to accomplish specific projects or improve processes.

There are various types of teams: a group of people reporting to the same supervisor; a group of individuals whose work roles are interdependent; temporary groups formed to do a specific task; etc. The level at which each of these teams perform has a direct impact on organizational effectiveness.

MLD recognizes this and employs a number of methodologies to determine the team's performance level. The data derived from this analysis can be utilized to clarify, for both management and staff, areas where improvement is possible. This analysis thus serves as a powerful catalyst for building high performing teams.

This quantitative data also serves as a benchmark against which to measure improvements in management practices; isolates the differences between management and staff perception; indicates direction for potential growth; and provides all participants with a greater understanding of team's impact on corporate performance.

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