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Performance Management Practices
  •     How do you ensure your performance management practices are effective?
  •     How can you identify performance measures that are working at cross-purposes to other objectives?
  •     What steps can you take to enhance each position's value to the company?

MLD believes that performance must be managed, as well as appraised. It must be dynamic, ongoing and process oriented. Traditional appraisal systems are periodic communications that provide too little value in improving an individual's effectiveness. A performance management system is not an event that occurs once or twice a year. MLD assists companies in developing a continuous system that brings together people and the processes they manage to: evaluate outcomes; identify adjustments that clearly mean improvement; plan and implement those adjustments; and manage the process to constantly acquire new skills and knowledge, which continuously improve performance.

The performance management system should be utilized as a development tool. It must be meaningful to both the individual and the manager. With MLD's process, the individual gains a clear definition of their role within the company and an opportunity to align personal goals with business objectives. Managers gain from the system an awareness of the strengths and weaknesses of their people and methods to increase operational efficiency. The company also gains in that it now becomes an organization comprised of high performing individuals who can continually expand the company's capacity to develop and improve.

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