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Evaluation of Training's Effectiveness
  •     How do you improve the effectiveness of your training?
  •     How do you identify gaps and duplications in your training?
  •     How do you determine future training needs?

MLD believes the starting point for any training curriculum design must be a relentless focus on satisfying real customer needs. These customers, it should be noted, are both internal as well as external. MLD's curriculum evaluation provides a detailed assessment of the current training curriculum's effectiveness in achieving corporate objectives. Part of our assessment entails a review of all training modules for each position and identifies duplication and gaps in training content. Another aspect of our analysis is to determine how the training integrates the concepts of orientation, education, career planning and performance management.

There are a variety of delivery styles available for the various training modules that comprise the curriculum such as, action-based learning, self-study, workshop settings and eLearning. Each has advantages and disadvantages depending on the instructional objectives. MLD provides the necessary analysis, so that training departments can determine the delivery method most appropriate to support the curriculum design process and obtain the results desired.

An MLD curriculum evaluation enables training departments to make more effective decisions regarding the type of courseware and delivery style, required to provide each job function the necessary knowledge and skills to perform at peak levels. Training departments can then manage high performance curriculums in an ever changing business environment.

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