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Executive Organizational Development
Start Point Questions:
  •     How do you ensure the strategy is being effectively implemented throughout the organization?
  •     What are the hidden factors that enable or inhibit your ability to reach high performance levels?
  •     How can you measure and monitor activities and results throughout the organization more effectively?
Program Information

Running the business well and increasing shareholder value are key functions of today's top executives. To accomplish this, executives must be able to create a shared vision that becomes the goal of the organization. They must then develop strategies that can be implemented by their people quickly and efficiently. The strategy cannot just reside in the executive suite. It must become the organization's focus. Deliberate actions must be taken to implement the strategy throughout the organization, in every department, with every job function and at every level of the company.

To accomplish this, the organization must function as an effective system. MLD's Executive Organizational Development program is designed to provide top executives with the models needed to ensure their strategic initiatives are implemented as intended. Executives are presented methodologies to ensure: that strategic, departmental and project plans are coordinated; that objectives are aligned; and, that processes and systems are effectively linked to produce the best possible results.

Issues Addressed:
  •     The interaction of critical factors affecting organizational performance
  •     The actions required to ensure a shared vision
  •     Communicating more effectively throughout the organization
  •     Measures that monitor the total cost of doing business
  •     Identifying the trigger points that require attention to improve performance
  •     Monitoring the activities that impact performance

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