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Planning and Problem-Solving
Start Point Questions:
  •     How can you more effectively plan and solve problems at every level of the organization?
  •     What can be done to ensure departmental and project plans directly support the strategy?
  •     How can you monitor the effectiveness of plan implementation throughout the organization?
Program Information

Arguably, one of the most critical factors in the success of any business is the ability to plan and problem-solve. The quality of a plan's objectives and the effectiveness of the action steps to implement the plan have a direct correlation to the results. Yet, for all its importance, planning remains an area that gets little attention in terms of continuous improvement.

Problem-Solving is another critical function of every business. The speed with which a problem is truly resolved has a profound impact on performance and profitability. This is not to be confused with a quick-fix approach that deals only with symptoms of the problem and never addresses the underlining root causes.

The Planning and Problem-Solving program utilizes a model which, when implemented, will directly address and correct the primary reasons for poor planning and problem-solving. It applies not only to strategic planning, but to every area of planning throughout the organization. Although the complexity and content of each plan may vary widely, the plan components and model will remain consistent.

With this type of plan integration, organizations are able to monitor all plan implementation actions more effectively, adjust individual action steps as needed and achieve better results faster.

Issues Addressed:
  •     Developing effective, results-oriented plans at all levels within the organization
  •     Evaluating, reinforcing and adjusting plan actions to achieve optimum results
  •     Components that must be included in the process
  •     Coordinating all plans to align with corporate strategy
  •     The process approach to planning and problem-solving
  •     Monitoring the process
  •     Incorporating the process into the performance management system

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