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Results Management™
Start Point Questions:
  •     How do you ensure that high quality management practices are utilized throughout the organization?
  •     How can you maximize the performance of each individual within your company?
  •     How do you more effectively coordinate all functional areas of your organization to implement your strategy?
Program Information

Change is the constant in all organizations. These changes are both large and small. They affect individuals, departments and the organization as a whole. These changes can be brought about by external factors, such as shifts in the marketplace or the development of new technologies. Changes can occur as the result of internal factors, such as a change in personnel or product set. Some changes will be of an evolutionary nature and some will be revolutionary.

To deal effectively with the changes created by these situations, one must first understand them: When do they occur? What causes them to occur? What can managers do to prepare for them? And, what actions should be taken when they happen?

The Results Management program provides models of these changes and the issues that must be addressed. It presents methodologies to modify processes and systems, upgrade training and enhance the communication process to meet the new demands of change. This is of particular importance when ensuring that different departments function with a singular focus to reach the objectives of the company.

This program provides insights into the critical management trigger points that drive organizational performance. It also addresses the methodologies that will provide managers greater control over their department's development and continuous improvement.

Issues Addressed:
  •     Ensuring the company, departments and teams develop as intended
  •     Managing, as well as appraising, performance
  •     Continuously improving performance
  •     The critical management trigger points and actions to control them
  •     Viewing and managing the organization as a system

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