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Process Selling ®
Start Point Questions:
  •     How do you utilize your sales force to more effectively implement your strategy?
  •     How do you increase the value of each customer contact?
  •     What are the specific actions sellers can take that will increase your profitability?
Program Information

In today's highly competitive environment, the sales function is one of the key connecting links between the organization and customer. In many cases the seller is the company in the mind of the customer.

Vendor reduction, partnering and strategic alliances, multiple buyers and the pressure to reduce cost have created a more sophisticated selling environment. Add to this, the diversity of today's sales force, increased competition and the customer's rapidly changing needs, and the sales programs that were designed in the '60s, with a few updates, have very little relevance.

The Process Selling ® program was created by joining the latest innovations in communication science, the principles of process management and a thorough understanding of both buyer and seller performance requirements. It provides a new set of skills and organizational knowledge to those charged with account management and new business development.

The program enables sellers to more effectively interface with the customer's purchasing process. This can entail dealing with multiple participants in the decision process, often with conflicting interests. Participants gain an understanding of both the current and future factors that contribute to the customer's "total cost" and knowledge of how organizations develop and function. This enables them to define added-value from the customer's perspective and manage a more complex and demanding business relationship.

Issues Addressed:
  •     Increasing sales volume both through existing customers and new-customer acquisition
  •     Utilizing each customer contact to implement corporate strategy
  •     Increasing the profitability of each sale
  •     Measuring the quality of each customer contact
  •     Continuously improving the sales process and the results obtained
  •     Increasing satisfaction throughout the customer base
  •     Enhancing the business relationships

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