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Process Management and Quality Tools
Start Point Questions:
  •     How do you ensure continuous process improvement in all areas of the business?
  •     How can you ensure your people actively participate in and support your quality initiative?
  •     How do you ensure the effectiveness of the processes you automate?
Program Information

The foundation of any quality effort is the management and continuous improvement of all of the company's processes. How efficiently and effectively these processes are implemented and coordinated will dictate the quality of the product and costs of operation. It will also have a major impact on controlling change and the speed with which the firm responds to threats and opportunities.

The intent of using quality tools is to assist individuals and organizations in achieving ever higher quality performance standards. Over the last several years, the attention devoted to the quality movement worldwide has created an atmosphere in which new tools for management and quality improvement are being created at a rapid pace.

There are tools for analysis and decision-making, planning and problem-solving. There are creative tools and modeling tools, statistical and management tools. They are promoted by quality professionals and embraced by individuals at all levels within the organization. Unfortunately, many of these tools have been individually oversold as a cure-all for complex organizational problems.

Process Management and Quality Tools is a program designed for the entire organization. Participants are provided a working knowledge of the most useful quality tools and how to apply them in the company's day-to-day activities. The objective being: To more effectively control the implementation of the company's strategy at all levels and have the information necessary for making effective "Data-Driven Decisions."

Issues Addressed:
  •     Decision-making based on measurable outcomes
  •     Implementing the quality program throughout the organization
  •     Engendering enthusiasm for the quality process
  •     Continuously improving work processes
  •     Capturing true best practices versus simple milestones
  •     Planning and problem-solving more effectively
  •     Day-to-day application of process management and quality tools
  •     Utilizing the correct tool for the application
  •     Causes of quality program failure

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