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Recruiting and Selecting for Success
Start Point Questions:
  •     How can you consistently improve the quality of your hiring practices?
  •     What actions can be taken during the selection process to ensure a high level of commitment and reduce turnover?
  •     How can you ensure manager, team and job compatibility at every position?
Program Information

The most valuable asset of any organization is its people. They can be the source of innovation and, through quality work, continuously improve organizational performance. On the other hand, the wrong people can negatively impact quality, customer satisfaction, team performance and corporate profits.

For the organization to succeed, people in every position must be selected by utilizing a process that ensures the best possible match between the individual and the job performance requirements. At the same time, the process must continuously improve the quality of hire to ever-increasing standards of performance.

MLD's process-based Recruiting and Selecting for Success program significantly raises the competency level of those involved in the selection process. When implemented, the process will dramatically increase the quality of hire for each position, reduce turnover and improve the overall performance of the organization.

Issues Addressed:
  •     A complete understanding of how to determine the ideal candidate for each position and how to identify and match candidates to that ideal
  •     Providing management with a methodology to monitor the effectiveness of the selection process on a manager-by-manager and position-by-position basis
  •     Developing a stronger team and organization capable of sustained growth
  •     Consistently improving the caliber of talent selected which, in turn, will elevate the standards of performance
  •     Developing results-oriented position descriptions that enhance performance

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Recruiting and Selecting for Success
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