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Quality Customer Communication™
Start Point Questions:
  •     How can you ensure your customer service associates present the image of the company consistent with your objectives?
  •     How can you utilize your customer service department to differentiate your company from the competitors?
  •     What steps can your customer service people take to increase your sales and profit margins?
Program Information

The people in customer service have constant interaction with the customer population. The effectiveness of these daily interactions, to a large extent, creates the customer's opinion of the company. Without a process based methodology for handling the customer contact, opportunities for increasing customer satisfaction, generating additional sales and increasing profits are often lost.

The Quality Customer Communication program addresses the variety of contacts that customer service personnel encounter daily. It installs a high performance process for handling customer service encounters. The process-based format enables each encounter to be measured against best-in-class practices. It focuses on the customer service representative handling the customer effectively and efficiently. The results are an increased level of satisfaction throughout the customer base and increased sales.

Issues Addressed:
  •     The types of contacts encountered in customer service and the process for handling each of them
  •     Enhancing the customer's level of satisfaction
  •     Specific process actions that enhance and expand sales
  •     Identifying sales opportunities for the field sales force
  •     Reproducing best practices quickly and effectively
  •     Turning complaints into opportunities
  •     Methodologies to continuously improve the process

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