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Supplier Value Enhancement Program™
Start Point Questions:
  •     How can you drive your suppliers to better understand your needs and business issues to improve quality and reduce costs?
  •     What steps can you take to ensure your supplier base communicates more effectively with your people?
  •     How can suppliers become more effective in providing greater value in your business relationship?
Program Information

The current communication techniques utilized by suppliers focus their sales efforts primarily on presenting features and benefits related to their products. Unfortunately, gaining a thorough understanding of the customers' specific needs, although often discussed, is rarely accomplished. The organization's interrelated job functions and work processes create a complexity that suppliers are not trained to address. As a result, the focus for the supplier base is more on how to position a product or service for sale and hold their price, rather than, developing a comprehensive business solution. The focus must be on satisfying the specific needs for all of the internal customer job functions impacted by their products and services.

The Supplier Value Enhancement Program is designed for your company's supplier base. It provides the firm's key suppliers the methodologies to more effectively focus on the real business issues of the organization. It creates a constant process for the suppliers to utilize in gaining a complete understanding of your organization's needs. In addition, all points of contact with the suppliers become more productive. As a result, the company is better positioned to continuously improve performance and reduce both product and total costs.

Issues Addressed:
  •     Ensuring suppliers understand the specific needs of each job function impacted by their products and services
  •     Securing the highest quality performance from the supplier base
  •     Increasing the effectiveness of the supplier's communication process with your firm
  •     Capturing all of the innovations and added-values that the supplier provides, or could provide
  •     Continuously reducing costs throughout the supply chain
  •     Improving the ultimate consumer's satisfaction

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