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Process Selling Assistant™
Start Point Questions:
  •     How can you maximize the value of each customer contact?
  •     How can you ensure your sales force is supporting the corporate strategy?
  •     How can you raise the level of your sales force's effectiveness?
Program Information

A companion program to Process Selling®, this Web-based program enables the sales force and managers to communicate quickly and effectively. The foundation of the system is a process format and database to assist in maximizing the effectiveness of each customer encounter.

Unlike the conventional CRM systems, the Process Selling Assistant program focuses directly on improving each customer contact to support the strategic sales initiatives. Individual sales contacts can be monitored against specific qualitative measures for that specific encounter, rather than measuring against general overall milestones that do little to improve the sales effort.

New products or services can be introduced to the market faster and more effectively, thereby creating a distinct competitive advantage. Coordinating efforts between territories or regions becomes more efficient.

Issues Addressed:
  •     Coordinating field sales activity more effectively
  •     Increasing a product/service's speed to market
  •     Quickly capturing and reproducing best practices
  •     Improving the quality and speed of communication between sales management and the field sales force
  •     Improving the quality of each customer contact
  •     Increasing sales and profitability
  •     Controlling the competitive landscape
  •     Effectively measuring customer contact quality

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